Corporate Flowers: Boars Head Aust

The Boars Head in Aust is a beautiful 16th century pub with fantastic reputation. They also have a field that can be used by campers, caravans and motorhomes.

As you would expect in this type of building, there are many fabulous brick fireplaces. We were asked to upgrade the decoration within the largest fireplace. When we were approached they had a small posy of obviously faux flower within the space. This not only looked obviously fake, but the scale was totally wrong! This was a case of 'go large or go home'!

The remit was ' a sizeable arrangement with a country vibe that would last and need little or no upkeep,' Cue the dried flower arrangement (large!) and the occasional dust would be a winner in this space ! 

The Boars Head and their customers would agree with us that we believe we nailed it!


Photo showing the before and after of the fireplace.