Farewell Flowers

Firstly, let us say we are sorry for your loss and that you are needing this particular service that we at Jolies Fleurs can offer you.

Whether it's a single rose, a themed tribute, a completely bespoke coffin spray or multiple arrangements for the church or venue. We can design a range of beautiful flowers to help you create a lasting memory as you say a fond farewell.


We welcome you to visit our shop where we have a designated quiet area, for us to discuss your families wishes. However, we understand that relatives that live further away also want to be part of the plans. We frequently use WhatsApp to communicate and share example photos to allow you to respond when you are able and for everyone to feel part of this important decision making.

When we speak with you we feel it is about more than just the flowers. We want to know your loved ones favourite colours and hobbies. Were they an avid gardener, a sport season ticket holder or even as simple as a fan of cup of tea with a biscuit? All of these important memories of your loved one can be used as inspiration for our designs.

A popular service for an avid gardener is where we can visit your or their home and pick flowers that can be then used in the funeral arrangements.

One additional service that is valued by our customers is a 'repurposing' of the memorial flowers. The flowers in the memorial can be made into posies and bouquets for family members and other loved ones. If this is something that may be of interest to you please mention it to us in our consultation and we would be more than happy to discuss it further.

We work closely with Thornbury based funeral directors including Gulwells and Clutterbucks. We do also deliver to other funeral directors and crematoriums within 20 miles of our shop, such as Westerleigh and Woodlands Memorial. We frequently work with families who are travelling further afield and wish to collect the memorial flowers and take them with them.

Remembering beyond the memorial ...

The days after the funeral will also hold significance. There will be birthdays, anniversaries and Christmases where you wish to remember and recognise your loved ones and the occasion.

We will more than happy to provide bouquets and floral arrangements for the graveside or any other special places to help you include your loved one on all of those special occasions.